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Cloud Backup – A Highly Durable Solution For Your Business

Tape backups are transported off-site and only retrieved in the case of a disaster. IT team will have to be physically present in the off-site location where the tape is stored to transfer it back to the workplace and have the data restored. The task was made even harder when a business have a large amount of data and the staff have to sift through rolls of tape to find the right one to restore.

Cloud backup avoids all the hassle by allowing instant transfer of the data stored in the cloud, anytime, anywhere. Data can easily restored by just a few clicks of a button on the screen. Apart from that, you will only have to pay for what you actually need – there’s no purchasing capacity in advance to store your data in the cloud.

 As a cloud enabler, SAFEHOUSE are capable of providing secure and cost-effective cloud backup solution for your mission-critical data. Our robust data protection plan will replicate your data across multiple data centres and making sure your workloads are secured on the cloud.

Business Continuity

Secure Cloud Backup For Business-Critical Assets

Over the years, we have witnessed the rise of cyber crimes, with millions of dollars paid to recover files and reputational damage that’s very difficult to recover. By backing up your data in the cloud, it will allow business continuity as you have the flexibility to restore the data in the case of data loss. You will enjoy having an extra layer of protection as your on-premise’s virtual machines, physical servers and files are all backed up in the cloud.

Limited access can be set up so that only authorized users can gain access to the backup on the cloud. Should there be any suspicious activity detected, you will be notified of the activity before any data is compromised. SAFEHOUSE can also automate your backup and recovery processes at scheduled interval, making things easier to manage.

Secure, Offsite Cloud Backup Solution

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