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Fanatical About Time, Teamwork and Service

Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Hosting Heroes

KB Yap

Chief Operating Officer

He oversees the overall operations in i-Tech. KB has many years of experience under the IT industries.  The friendly COO who makes it easy for the people to want to come to work and serve happily everyday.

Leonard Yee

Chief Executive Officer

Our inspiring CEO who makes it a point that all under his care gives excellent world-class services to our customers. He is also the General Manager for IREKA Group of Companies. He advocates good communication skills and fanatical service  as the ingredient needed to form a great teamin serving our customers.

Lim Kheun Yong

Senior VP, Technical

Lim is the technical head who leads the entire SAFEHOUSE technical team and ensuring customers are served technically. Lim’s superpower is the ability to manage multiple projects(sometimes stressful ones) concurrently with a smile. This makes working with him pleasant and before you knew it, the project has ended successfully.

Eric Cheong

VP, Data Centre Services

Eric loves to ensure that his customers are well taken care of when they host their servers in SAFEHOUSE. If you need to know any services and offerings from SAFEHOUSE, Eric is more than happy to discuss with you over coffee. His contact is below.

Our Partners

We are proud of our partners, and only work with the very best.

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