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Speed Up IT Service Delivery

Without Affecting Current Operations

Designed with simplicity in mind, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure allows businesses to streamline their operations without the complexity of legacy infrastructure.

Enjoy cost-savings with the cloud-like economic model of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, and faster time to market in order to meet business demands.

Nutanix Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Nutanix narrows the gap between legacy infrastructure and cloud services through the offering of hyper-converged infrastructure.

With Nutanix, you can easily set up a hyper-converged infrastructure that enables your business to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing digital world.

Each node is powered by Intel x86 processor with flash SSDs and HDDs, and Nutanix software running on each node evenly distributes all workloads across the cluster, resulting in greater speed and resilience.

Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection isn’t easy to implement, plus it can be costly for businesses that are on a tight budget. With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, backup, recovery, and disaster recovery can all be found under a centralized console, which allows businesses to respond quickly in the event of a disaster.


Streamline business operations and reduce costs by running several OS and apps on the same server simultaneously. With virtualization, businesses get to extract the most value out of their hardware investment.


Reduce the workload of IT staff and automate mundane tasks to improve operational efficiency. By deploying Hyperconverged Infrastructure, organizations can free up manpower and focus on revenue-generation activities.


In today’s hyper-competitive world where customers’ expectations have never been higher and competitors are trying to surpass each other, the agile nature of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by allowing workloads to be completed faster.